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Water, Fire, and Mold damage restoration by Falcon


Mold Removal


Any moist area in a home could have potential mold growing in it. This includes drywall, furniture, roofing, and areas around plumbing pipes in some instances. However, in most cases you’ll be able to spot mold right away and can call the experts at North Carolina Mold Remediation for mold removal. Unlike a lot of other mold remediation companies, we use approved and environmentally friendly and all natural products in commonly occupied living spaces.


We will remove the mold from the home first, as the chemicals and proteins in mold are still active even when the mold is dead. We aim to give our customers the safest environment in their homes so they do not fall ill due to improper mold removal procedures. In cases where mold becomes unmanageable, we also perform mold remediation, which removes affected building materials to eradicate the harmful source completely.


Water Cleanup


Every water mitigation job presents unique challenges that must be addressed quickly and effectively. It takes years of experience, the right equipment, and an ability to act quickly and make decisions on the spot. Falcon offers certified water removal service throughout the North Carolina area and have what it takes to cleanup and dryout everything from small residential losses to large commercial floods. So give us a call and we’ll send out a crew that can provide you with a free estimate at no obligation to you!


Fire Damage

As devastating as a fire damage can be, our Falcon fire damage restoration technicians are fully trained to handle the worst case scenario under all circumstances. These situations require specialized cleaning to rid the property of soot residue, preventing further and permanent damage. Smoky or other fire-related odor also needs to be treated in order to restore the air-quality of the premises. This process includes removal, cleaning, and sealing of various surfaces within the property.


We have the latest state­of the-art equipment, and we understand that the clock starts counting down the minute tragedy strikes! Therefore, we have fire specialists standing by, waiting for your call!


Construction Services


Are you in need of reconstruction services? To get help faster, call 1-833-800-2020 Falcon Restoration is a full-service property damage cleanup and restoration provider. We recognize that repairing and rebuilding structures damaged as a result of water, fire, mold or storm requires a high level of professionalism in order to efficiently and effectively handle the claim. Our reconstruction services include:


    Residential and Commercial Reconstruction
    Estimate for Commercial and Residential Reconstruction Cost
    Demolition and Removal of Debris
    General Construction Services